About Us

TO THE MOON WAS BORN FROM MY FATHER'S SLOGAN.......... “I Love You To The Moon And Back!"

My parents introduced me to the game and it soon became the bond that linked our family together. I have been blessed enough to pass that same link on to my own family and we have kept the family slogan alive! 

As an LPGA professional, I have been teaching women who have really struggled finding golf apparel that made them feel sexy with their own body type. Larger sizes were too frumpy, muffin tops were expanded, colors where not bright and ball markers were lost in pockets.  

In 2017, I had a spark of insight to come up with a clothing line that would help women feel confident and comfortable on the course. My father always said... “To succeed you need to dress for the job you want, not the job you have and feel confident while performing.”  I truly feel being comfortable in your own skin brings the best out of your performance.  

This is when a decision was made to start a new women’s golf clothing line and provide stylish and colorful garments that have an amazing fit. Skorts that aren’t too tight, comfort waste bands that aren’t too high or too low, skorts with pants, shirts, jackets and colors that will excite you. Each skort and skort pant has a built-in ball marker and hidden pocket.  So, no more scrambling to find it and looking behind you to see the impatient hands on the hips. 

I hope you love the designs and fit as much as I do, and I thank you for making a purchase and becoming part of the To The Moon family. 

Nichole Grover, LPGA Class A